Dr. Shobit Sethi is not just the founder and owner of our portable grooming service, but he is, in fact, also the owner and head doctor at Pooran Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Chandigarh.

About Our CEO

With countless years of experience, Dr. Sethi is a proud MDS- Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics expert with a clinic in Sector 40-C, Chandigarh. His love for society and animals is the reason why this venture has begun in full flow!

Dr. Sethi has been an animal lover since childhood and had a dream for pets and animal welfare since a very long time. We are proud to present our CEO’s dream to you all!

Being a dentist himself, Dr. Sethi has loads of experience in the grooming industry. Even though Dr.Sethi stays busy conducting dental procedures all day long, it is in the evenings when he feels absolutely relaxed, coming home to his two pet dogs, Max and Rambo! Having grown up in a house full of pets, he has been raised as an animal-lover! Since the very start, Dr. Sethi volunteered at animal shelters and NGOs catering to animal care. This love for animals inspired him to launch his own pet store in 2016. He took it in his own hands to offer the best products for pet-care as he believes no one should ever compromise on quality! Soon, Dr. Sethi was interacting with customers who had cats and dogs of international breeds, pets that were sick, or had special needs. These issues made the process of grooming quite difficult and stressful in general. He too had faced problems with the grooming of his pets in terms of unhygienic salons, separation anxiety, manhandling pets, and untrained/unprofessional staff. The lack of solutions motivated Dr. Sethi to launch tri-city’s first ever pet-grooming van. He made it his mission to accouter the van with state-of-the-art equipment and trained professionals with years of experience in order to dissolve all issues arising due to the depreciating reputation of tri-city salons. He aims to provide all services at the client's convenience, their suitable time, and right at their doorstep so that the process can be carried out under their supervision, making it a comfortable atmosphere for the pets. His vision and values have now made it possible for us to not only groom our furry loved ones but pamper them with a spa-like experience so that they'll always be excited to stay prim and proper!

His ideas and mindset have been the driving force for our team to come up with all the brilliance and innovative ideas. We are proud to present his ideas and dreams to you all.